You are your best thing. Day 4: gifting inspo

I'm on a train to New York City as I write this. A trip planned long ago when things felt more hopeful around pandemic. I almost didn't board the train this morning. Even though I knew in my heart it was past time to take time for me and visit one of my dear friends in a beautiful city, there were a lot of external reasons not to go (including the Alvin Ailey show we had tickets to being canceled). I teared up as I drove to the studio to teach, thinking, "Well, of course, the bigger thing to do here is to deny what you feel you need."

Even though I haven't cried much in the past two years, I was on the verge of tears up until the moment I started teaching. Was this the thing that really was going to make me lose it? A potentially canceled weekend? As I was teaching, I felt the energy shift in my body as we moved together through class. And afterwards, my dear friends and clients propped me up and encouraged me to take the time I need for me. You see, it's been very rare that I've allowed people in enough to receive support. And even more rare that I've allowed the beautiful space we've created at Move It to feed me in the way that it does so many others.

What I want you to know today is that you already know what you need. And, your crew is here to keep reminding you. I'm here to remind you. I was just listening to a podcast last night that reminded me of this: there is a price that we pay either way. Whether we choose to invest in ourselves or not, there is a price paid by ourselves and those around us. And so perfectly timed that our gift inspo for today is really for you. Whether you Move It In Studio or Move It At Home, the Shop has all you need to uplift your experience.

And, we have a few spots left in our membership sale. This will sell out by the new year and I want to make sure you get another chance to join us at a special rate!

Remember, you deserve to be treated in the way you would want your best friend to be treated (credit to Ashley C. Ford for this, check out her book!). So trust yourself. And if you get a little muddled, let your crew show up for you. It is a season of giving. Make space to receive the goodness waiting for you.