Canvas Baggu Branded Tote

Canvas Baggu Branded Tote

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Flaunt your barre look wherever you go with this Move It Barre branded canvas tote. Available in pale lime green and pastel two tone. 


Baggu makes bags. Specifically, delightful bags that make life easier and more enjoyable. Our goal is to make every bag you need for your daily routines. We hope you look and feel your best when carrying a Baggu. 

We create products to have long, useful lives. We design to minimize waste, use sustainable materials, and have a long-standing partnership with our manufacturer in China, who is committed to ethical and environmentally responsible practices.

We started BAGGU in 2007 because we wanted a reusable bag that was functional, affordable and nice-looking. We couldn’t find one, so we decided to make it. The result was the Standard Baggu: based on the construction of a plastic shopping bag, made from lightweight ripstop nylon, and built to hold 2-3 times as much as a disposable grocery bag.


The Standard Baggu is still our best-selling bag.